Arch Tait learned Russian at Latymer Upper School, London; Trinity Hall, Cambridge; and Moscow State University. He has a PhD in Russian literature from Cambridge and began translating in earnest in 1986 after a meeting with Valentina Jacques, then editor of the magazine Soviet Literature.

From 1993 he was the UK editor of the Glas New Russian Writing translation series, whose editor-in-chief was Valentina's successor, Natasha Perova.

To date he has translated 35 books by leading Russian authors of fiction and non-fiction.

“You've developed into a very fine translator. Few people have such deep understanding of Russian psychology, culture and way of life, and such ability to express it all in English. I think what you are doing is much more important and useful than researching a petty official's life which is of no interest to anyone. Building bridges between cultures is much more honourable and productive, and absolutely necessary at this time.”
(Natasha Perova)

Arch Tait's most recent translations are Yelena Rzhevskaya's Memoirs of a Wartime Interpreter (Greenhill), and Maxim Trudolyubov's The Tragedy of Property (Polity); and Ivan Chistyakov’s The Diary of a Gulag Prison Guard (Granta)

"The language is wonderful! I can't get over it. The words are so intelligently and accurately selected they flow like music. Thank you once again." Face Fashion, Moscow (2007)

"I think your translation of Anna's diary is spectacular... it is both stylish and colloquial. Thank you for this window." E.M., Maryland

Ахмед Закаев, Покорить или истребить!
Akhmed Zakaev, Subjugate or Exterminate! (2019)
‘Arch Tait’s wonderful translation …’ Luke Harding

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