Akhmed Zakaev

Subjugate or Exterminate!
A Memoir of Russia’s Wars Against Chechnya

Translated by Arch Tait

ISBN: 978-1680530889 (Paperback)
ISBN: 978-1680530759 (Hardback)
Both 512 pages

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Akhmed Zakaev
Akhmed Zakaev

Akhmed Zakaev is the Prime Minister in Exile of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (CRI). He was born in 1959 into a family deported by Stalin’s regime, along with the rest of the Chechen population, in 1944. Zakaev graduated from acting and choreography schools in Voronezh and Moscow and became an actor, specializing in Shakespearean roles. In 1994 he became Minister of Culture in the independent Chechen government of Djohar Dudaev, and during the First Russo-Chechen War was commander of the Western Group for the Defence of Ichkeria.

Zakaev played a leading role in negotiations which led to the signing of a Russo-Chechen peace treaty at the Kremlin in 1997, which Russia later violatd. He opposed the rise of radical Islam in Chechnya, alleging a link between Islamist extremism and Russia’s covert global pro-terrorist policy.

In 2002 Russia accused him, by then in exile, of involvement in a series of crimes, including the hostage-taking at a Moscow theatre in 2002 and the murky Beslan school siege of 2004, both of which ended in catastrophic loss of life. In 2003, a British court declared the accusations groundless and politically motivated.






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