Lilia Shevtsova

A former director of the Center of Political Studies in Moscow, and currently senior associate in the Carnegie Endowment's Russian Program, Lilia Shevtsova’s books include “Yeltsin’s Russia”.  She is one of the most respected Russian political analysts.

Lilia Shevtsova

The Yeltsin and Putin Legacies

Translated by Arch Tait

Carnegie Endowment
for International Peace
Washington, DC, 2007
GBP29.99, hardback
ISBN 978 0 87003 237 0
GBP9.99, paperback
ISBN 978 0 87003 236 3
288 pages

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"A serious contribution to the understanding of Russia's transition throughout the last two decades. Highly recommended to all who deliberate on Russia's future."
Mikhail Gorbachev

"Once again, Lilia Shevtsova has proved herself to be a unique source of wisdom about what is happening in Russia - and why it is happening, and why it matters so much to all of us. In this, her most comprehensive book to date, her insights into the Yeltsin and Putin years range from the political dynamics of the leadership, to the paradox - and vulnerabilities - of "bureaucratic capitalism", to the Kremlin's domestication of the oligarchs, to the resurgence of feistiness in Russian foreign policy. An indispensable, timely and compelling contribution on what is still, though in new and unpredictable ways, one of the most important countries on earth."

Strobe Talbott

President of the Brookings Institution

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