Charismatic Public Speaking

Translated by Arch Tait

Tvorcheskaya Masterskaya
Moscow, 2009

ISBN 978-5-91691-004-9
264 pages

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This book will teach you how to become a lively, successful, and charismatic public speaker.

Here you will find a fresh and entertaining explanation of virtually every aspect of public speaking: how to overcome stage fright, making eye contact, working on the voice, using pauses, questions, and gestures, avoiding parasitic words, how to face the public, acting skills, debating, storytelling, making conversation, reading aloud, proposing toasts, and much more.

A collection of the highly effective exercises from courses in rhetoric, acting, public speaking, and voice and speech training courses will enable you, from the moment you start working through the book, to enhance your public-speaking skills.

You will learn about more than thirty factors which are essential if you want to master the art of public speaking. Knowledge of these will enable you not only to address an audience successfully, but to become the life and soul of the party through your ability to communicate your ideas in a confident and entertaining manner.

Sergey Shipunov is the director of the University of Rhetoric and the Art of Oratory in Moscow. He has devised a suite of public speaking courses, which since 2002 have run successfully in over thirty cities in Russia and abroad. He organizes annual festivals of oratory (which last seven to twelve days), and directs a program to license instructors wishing to teach courses based on his materials and methods.


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